Crowdfunding for Lifelines

I’ve been working on my upcoming album “Lifelines” for practically years now. It’s been a slow but fulfilling process; writing the music when it comes to me. Lifelines is about how lives can be visualised as lines that twist, turn, wither and break, and in the process cross with numerous other lines; other lives.

As all the pieces I intend to write for the album are coming close to completion, it’s time to look beyond the horizon. I’ve gotten used to not recording my music, but using digital instruments instead. It’s a whole trade on its own, to tweak and tinker with digital instruments in such a way that they come together in a realistic and convincing manner. But, it’s never quite there. Nothing beats properly recording your music with skilled musicians.

When I recorded Skye with a group of string players in 2019 it only proved that point: there’s nothing quite like bringing your music to life with musicians who have heart for your music.

So that is what I intend to do: I want to record my next album, Lifelines, with a complete string orchestra and other instruments like electric guitar, dulcimer, theremin and many more. In this process I want to support professional musicians around me by paying them a proper wage; something that even before the pandemic wasn’t a given.

I want to ask you, a faithful supporter of my work or maybe just a lucky visitor: will you help me make this dream come true, and with that support a whole lot of professional musicians in these uncertain times? If so, you are very welcome to donate any amount you can spare using the link below. Thank you!

the recording of my album has gained a €3000,- grant from the province of Utrecht and No Man’s Land festival! Having not only people believe in my work but also such large organisations gives me great hope that this project will find its way. Donations are still very much needed however to reach the additional €5000,- needed.

Update 2: almost €1000.- raised already, thank you so, so much! That means that in barely one week we managed to get to 20%. Let’s keep this energy going!


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