Logo Sem Hak

composer, designer, creator.

Logo Sem Hak

composer, designer, creator.

“Alongside Rachmaninoff and Szymanowski, the surprise of the evening was a fascinating and adventurous new composition by Sem Hak”

Wil Senden, FASO


Growing up in the most forested region of The Netherlands I was always surrounded with nature. A deep-founded curiosity for everything around me always resounds in my works. I write music about space travel, create designs to bring the wildest fantasies to life and make websites to enable everyone to discover these stories.


I studied music composition at the Utrecht Conservatory with Caroline Ansink and Jeroen D’Hoe and I am currently studying at the Codarts Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam. My music always tells a story, albeit one close to my heart or about things we can only dream of. I write for a broad range of settings, ranging from solo instruments to large symphonic orchestras.


Every artist deserves to be seen. But to be seen requires either a lot of money, the right contacts or a lucky break. I take great joy in helping both aspiring and established arists around me find their audience by giving them a sophisticated on- and offline presence made to fit.

Stronger together

I take a special interest in creating with and for LGBTQ+ community. Not only because I label myself as such, but most importantly because I believe a strong visual and digital presence is key to creating more awareness, understanding and recognition for good causes.

And everything else

There’s one thing I love more than either composing music and making visuals: a multitude of these and anything else together. I’m the happiest working on projects that glue multiple artistic aspects together.

Let’s work together. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s create something.

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