During my travels this summer I visited the Isle of Skye. A breathtaking place, unwordly even, unlike any other. In an effort to portray this beauty I made a video and a soundtrack entitled “Skye”. Available on all major music download and streaming services!

The Isle of Skye. It feels like they took Scotland and boiled all its beauty down and put it on a seperate island. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The island has been overrun by tourism in recent years: day trippers driving their car up to the famous landmarks, taking pictures, and leaving again. Lucky for the adventurous people among us – you’ll find solitude off the beaten path. Well, off the tarmac, that is. The Isle of Skye is home to the aptly named Skye Trail, a rural multi-day hike that takes you from one end of the island to the other.

As crowded as the roads were – so lonely and solemn was the trail. There were days I’d run into only one person going the other way. We’d exchange hello’s and inform eachother about the state of the trail up ahead. There’s something peaceful about the whole ordeal; on the trail the only world that exists is the world you can see and feel. A beautiful yellowish-green landscape of rolling hills with the occasional cliff and sudden outburt of rocks.

I left heavily packed – it was my first long solo trip. Not only that, I’d be wildcamping (my first time ever) and my food allergies mean I need to be prepared for the full trip. My backpack weighed in at a hefty 16kg. I left home with a feeling of doubt – I came back in euphoria. What I thought of as the hardest trip I’d ever make turned out to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding journeys of my life till date.

I packed my camera and came back with my camera filled with video material and a soundtrack written in my head. They boiled down scotland and made it into the Isle of Skye. I took the Isle of Skye and boiled it down to a video.

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