A windy december morning –

two very dear friends of mine are getting married. All dressed up I entered the city hall with them. Turns out the wedding is at the same kind of desk you’d get your ID renewed in the spacious central hall. It has a somewhat comedic effect and our small group (just the to-be-weds and witnesses) definitely lighten up the space. Overdressed, overjoyed and just a little bit out of place – it was a very special moment.

Just after signing we all went out the historic city center of Utrecht. Let’s just say I was very glad I took my camera and my favourite vintage lens (Canon FD 50mm f/1.4) with me! It’s a manual lens, which means that every shot has to be carefully focussed by hand, just like the old days. However, every shot that comes out correctly focussed and well framed is extremely rewarding. See for yourself!

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