Mahler 10

For the Utrechtsch Studenten Concert I designed the visuals for their winter 2021 program.

This winter the USConcert is playing the infamous Tenth Symphony by Gustav Mahler, as completed by Deryck Cooke. This symphony is rarely performed because of its obscurity; Mahler never finished the symphony himself, but a completion was attempted by multiple people, of which Deryck Cooke is one. A performance of the piece is a rare sight already, but a student orchestra performing the piece makes it even more special.

For the visuals I went with a contemplative and solemn feel while still being striking enough to leave an impression on passer-by’s. The symphony, which he wrote during a turbulent personal period, marked the end of Mahler’s life. The music is heavy and gripping, with musicologists suggesting the music at times refers to Mahler’s feelings towards his wife cheating.

The rose is a nod to the visuals I made in 2016 for the same orchestra, but then for Mahler’s Second Symphony, which featured mainly roses in full colour. The sharp ends on the numerals mimic thorns.

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