NKK NXT 18/19 a big hit

From September 2018 until March 2019 I was part of NKK NXT, the talent development program of the Dutch Chamber Choir. We were tasked with one question: show the future of choral singing. And so we did. In these 6 months we came up with the performance “I want to be like you”.

The performance shows the interaction between singers and an artificial intelligence wanting to be human. In a series of simulations this AI tries to discover what it is to be human through the emotional act of singing.

During the project I was active as a singer, a composer, a concept developer and a graphics designer. Every passion of mine combined into one project. Keep an eye on my concerts page for possible further performances of NKK NXT 18/19.

Theaterkrant.nl wrote the following about the performances: “The result ‘I want to be like you’ is gripping, and extremely current, with special programming in a beautiful choreography in which form and substance melt together. But above all; it is breathtakingly beautiful. Phenomenal is an understatement.”
The full review (in Dutch) can be read here.

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