It’s a wrap

Lifelines has been recorded!

Two weeks ago at 09:00 in the morning I arrived at the famous Wisseloord Studios together with recording technician Rogier Steijaert. We left around 18:30, carrying a suprisingly light USB-drive containing all that I’ve been working towards for so long. Well, I heard the first rough cuts of the music yesterday, and it’s everything I hoped for and more.

Now starts the process of selecting, cutting and combining the best takes of every track, the adding of miscellaneous instruments and finally the mixing and mastering which I will all do together with Rogier.

It was an amazing day which luckily Janna van Hienen captured with her camera so that I can share a bit of the ambience with all of you, as well as look back on a very overwhelming day in peace and quiet.

All photos by Janna van Hienen

The musicians

Máté Lachegyi

Sarah Lynn Huizing
Tina Draadjer
Ian de Jong
Annah Posthumius
Myrthe van der Mullen
Ilja Venema
Maartje Rosmulder
Nina Zuure

Bart Folkers
Jurriaan Klapwijk
Julia Casañas Castellví
Lotte Grotholt

Nil Domenech Fuertes
Irene Cancer Navarro
Eva van Schaik

Double Bass
Boris Kwant

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