Wayfare Concerto

Wayfare Concerto was commissioned as an ouverture by the Utrecht Student Orchestra (USConcert). With little more in terms of requirements than length and instrumentation, I had total creative freedom. Wayfare Concerto is the result: a large orchestral work encompassing humanity’s fascination with the great unknown: space.

The piece is divided into three movements. The first movement, “Wanderlust”, is about the itch to go to space. To the ends of history humanity has always been fascinated by the sky and everything beyond. The second movement, “Ode to Laika”, is an ode to Laika, the dog the USSR sent to space during the infamous “space race” between the USSR and the USA. Laika died shortly after leaving Earth’s atmosphere, due to overheating and stress. The third movement, “The Journey”, resembles an actual journey into space. The hectic preparations, the launch, the weightlessness and touchdown.

Behind this all was a motivation to first and foremost write an exciting and fun piece to play for the Utrecht Student Orchestra. Wayfare Concerto will première on tour with the orchestra in Graz, Austria. The Dutch première will follow in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For upcoming performances of Wayfare Concerto, see the concerts page.

Performed by the Utrechtsch Studenten Concert at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Conductor: Bas Pollard
Audio recording: Hans Erblich

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