You guessed it, the website you’re browsing is a portfolio in and on itself. It’s the 2021 version of what I’m capable of as a webdesigner and artist.

The website started out with different colorschemes that somehow still relate to eachother. The colors are reminiscent of the seventies, yet wholly modern. Even though the website as a whole seems abundantly colorful, the full color scheme is only made up of 6 basic colors that all intertwine through the different schemes. Red, green, yellow, blue, brown and pink to be exact. Not a color more, unless you count black and white, but we don’t do that here now do we.

Of course the most important principle of a website is usability, and as with any website that’s been at the core of this design. Visual splendor and glitter has only been added in a non-destructive way – the website is still easily navigatable. And yet it feels like a living artwork.

Do as I like to do: go to homepage on a big screen, put your browser in full-screen mode, lean back and let de waves calm you down.

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