is a helpline for youth and young adults questioning their gender and seeking help, information or simply someone who listens.

I’m very honoured to be a part of this project as the designer and coder of the website. As a non-binary person myself I feel closely connected to the subject at hand. To be able to help others through building this website means the world to me.


The design relies on fluidity. Straight (pun intended) shapes are scarce. The fluid shapes, lines and colours are a warm, comforting bath while at same time visualising the fluidity of gender. Aimed at young people, the website takes on a fun and dynamic character.

Even more important than design, is of course its functionality. A visitor should be able to reach out for help on any page. Every page should be clear and helpful.


I take great joy in creating websites like these. It’s a collaboration, not a job. I don’t create websites like this to earn money – I do it because I love making websites and making them for the best of causes only further strengthens that joy. Are you looking to strengthen your online presence as a cause, artist or anything else? Let’s talk!

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