Upcoming concerts and premieres

These are uncertain times for any artist and I am very lucky to still be able to practise composing music, for which some exciting things are up ahead! In September “Temperature Music”, a piece written for the ICOS Science Conference portraying global temperatures rising through music, is set to premiere in Utrecht, The Netherlands. About 8 (and counting) further performances planned throughout Europe.

Later in September, NKK NXT 19/20 is set to perform my choral piece “Distant Light” on a text by Elea Bekkers, arranged for female singers. Not a premiere, but nonetheless very exciting!

In November an overture written for the anniversary of the Symphony Orchestra of Nijmegen will premiere as part of their jubilee concert in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

As you can see, lots and lots of things to look forward to! Have a look at the concert agenda for information, dates and tickets.

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