a lifeline for trans and genderquestioning youth has been live for just shy of two months now. Genderpraatjes is a dutch platform created by Transgender Netwerk Nederland and me for young people having questions about their gender or their journey as a trans person. People can chat, call or email with the experienced people behind the website. Friends, family and caretakers are also welcome to chat, call or email with questions they might have concerning people they know.

Genderpaatjes has been positively received by both the community and a variety of news outlets, for being the first platform of its kind. In the first week alone the website attracted over two thousand visitors.

I built and designed Genderpraatjes to be both accessible and playful at the same time. Warm yet playful colours interact with eachother throughout the website, and every page is one click away from contacting any of the staff.

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