Lifelines album CD

Get them while they’re hot: the limited edition physical CD from my newest studio album.

Who has a CD-player anymore? Why would you need one now that everything’s digital? I don’t have the answers for you, but let me tell you: there’s something to holding this CD, boxed in a gloriously modern “digiwallet”, featuring the album art in its full glory deliciously finished in matte with a satin touch. CD-player not required: you don’t need a CD-player to enjoy this album.

Festive Wishing Cards

Sometimes, the wishing cards from the shop around the corner just don’t cut it.

You want to give someone a card that says exactly what you mean, without the extra pictures and decorations. You want the subject person to feel special, to feel like you wished them well, right to their heart. That’s where my series of perfectly sane “Festieve Wenskaarten”, or Festive Wishing Cards, comes in. In romantic Times New Roman in resolute black on a sensible white background, the recipient cannot possibly be clueless to your best wishes.

The cards are available in both Dutch and English. Get them using the button above!




And a new year.

A baby.

Oh my.

A new home.